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In this episode of the Mission Business Podcast, we explain different customization options available in Quickbooks and how to go about customizing your QuickBooks software for your business needs.

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Interviewer: Hi, Bernard. Thank you so much for talking with us again today. I’m hoping that we can talk a little bit more about the features of QuickBooks that we can probably customize for our business. Can you tell our customers a little bit about the types of customization that we can do in Quickbooks?

Customizing QuickBooks Data with Custom Fields

Bernard: QuickBooks is a wonderful product. One thing I really love with QuickBooks is

  • The ability for users to add their own custom fields; custom fields for customers, and also custom fields for vendors.
  • For customers, you may add supplemental data, such as the date of birth or some specific information about the customer that QuickBooks does not have in its standard design. You can add these data items.
  • The same for items you sell; you may want to add certain attributes such as color, size, the name of the manufacturer, the weight etc.
  • All these items you can customize and put custom data in QuickBooks so that you can really use QuickBooks to fulfill the actual needs of your business.

Customize QuickBooks Based on Your Business Processes

Interviewer: Great. Well, you listed all these really great things for us that we can customize, but what would you say would be a priority for a business when they are looking at customizing through QuickBooks?

Bernard: The priorities they should look at is their own business processes.

Typically they already have a business process and they may be doing things manually on some other software. They have a certain way of doing things from the moment that they get an order from a customer. For instance;

  • They record it,
  • They fulfill the order,
  • They place a purchase order with a vendor, and then
  • They have to do certain things or certain tracking or they have to price in a particular way.

They really have to look at what it is that they’re doing that is specific to their own situation, and then ask us – QuickBooks Pro advisors, QuickBooks Consultants, to map those special needs to the capabilities of the software. Luckily with QuickBooks, we’re very fortunate we can do that.

How We Can Help You Customize QuickBooks

Interviewer: Going on that, what are some of the things that an advanced or professional such as yourself would help a business with in customization?

Bernard: First of all, we can have the QuickBooks user define/select what custom data needs to be added to QuickBooks.

  • Just by having initial interviews or looking at the business processes, we can say, “You should add those particular custom fields to the customer records, and those particular custom fields to your items.”
  • Then we can have the QuickBooks user customize what we call a QuickBooks Form; sales orders, invoices, estimates, purchase orders; so that the form is customized to display the custom data and the forms can show what is really, truly needed for that business.

Then we can also help the business customize reports so that the custom data is also displayed on the reports.

Interviewer: Great. Then just to wrap everything up, how easy is it to work with a professional such as yourself for doing this customization? It sounds like you have the advanced ability to go in there and help out. Is it very easy to contact you?

Bernard: It’s very easy to contact us, of course. Because we work with many different users, we are very experienced in terms of making some judgments as to what is the right way to customize QuickBooks.

However, you have to keep in mind that it’s a 2-way partnership.

  • We know QuickBooks very well and we can really do miracles with QuickBooks, but we don’t know anything about your business until we get to speak with you.
  • You can call us and we can talk about your needs, what you’re doing now.
  • Once we can put these things together; the capabilities of the software versus your needs, usually we can design something that works very, very well for you.

Interviewer: Perfect. Thank you so much. I’m excited to learn a little bit more about this. Thank you, Bernard.

Bernard: You’re very welcome. Thank you.

We Are Happy To Help

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