“Cooking The Books – The Right Way” – A Restaurant QuickBooks Pro Story

Our challenge:

The menu at this Greenwich restaurant was delicious, but their old accounting software was as stale as yesterday’s rolls.  Management had to wait until the end of the month to get any profitability reporting.

Our Mission:

Convert the old DOS-based accounting system to QuickBooks Pro.

The solution:

Mission installed QuickBooks and trained the restaurant staff to use it. We also designed Microsoft Excel templates to seamlessly summarize daily sales, cash and credit card receipts as well as other important transactions so they could better manage their restaurant.

The results:

Just desserts! Their new automated and streamlined daily accounting process was just the recipe they needed for this restaurant to close its books each day. The accounting system data collection and data entry is easier, more accurate and timely. Now, management can view the month-to-month business activity, cash flow, and profitability any time. The improved accounting system also built the foundation for proactive cash management and revenue/cost analysis.