Changes Coming to Document Management in QuickBooks 2012

Document Management was a useful addition to QuickBooks beginning with QuickBooks 2010. It’s been a tremendously useful way to “attach” a document  file to a transaction or a list record. There are two storage methods for document management: cloud storage and local storage. Local storage is free, while cloud service requires a fee.

There have been big changes in that functionality coming for the 2012 version of the software. The Sleeter Group takes a look at some of those big changes this week, and where it’s going from here.

If you aren’t using document management, check it out today, and see what kinds of changes are coming.

Bernard Roesch About Bernard Roesch

Bernard Roesch is co-founder and Managing Partner of Mission Consulting. Bernard’s background in the early years of his career was spent in the manufacturing sector, making his QuickBooks perspective a unique one – he understands the intricacies of a complex environment and then applies his strategic skills accordingly.