Facebook Changes and Small Business


If you’re familiar with social media at all, you know that there were some big changes to Facebook in the past week. According to Mark Zuckerberg at F8, those changes are just the beginning. The Intuit Small Business Blog takes a look at some of those changes and how they impact small businesses.

There are a couple of interesting changes that should impact small businesses:

  • The ticker. That vertical flow of information on the right side of the screen holds all of the “lighter” information on Facebook. For small businesses, this means the information you use in Facebook should be “newsworthy” or else it will wind up on the ticker instead of in the main news feed.
  • Gestures. The Like button is going to be replaced by “gestures.” These will be less of an endorsement and more of an activity-based tag. Businesses will have a much harder time getting users to actually endorse a page, rather than just saying, for example, “read it.”

There are other areas, such as timelines and apps, that may affect your business. Check out the Intuit Small Business Blog post for more.

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