Help with Depreciation and Amortization


While correct accounting practices won’t grow your business, they can help to maximize your profits and efficiency. Yet, many small businesses don’t want the hassle (or just don’t have the knowledge) to deal with things like depreciation or amortization.

Fortunately, these topics aren’t as tough (or boring) as they might sound. offered up a new guide this week on how to handle depreciation and amortization. Check out the post for more on these two useful accounting practices, as well as some info about how certain recent legislation makes significant change to how these practices work.

Bernard Roesch About Bernard Roesch

Bernard Roesch is co-founder and Managing Partner of Mission Consulting. Bernard’s background in the early years of his career was spent in the manufacturing sector, making his QuickBooks perspective a unique one – he understands the intricacies of a complex environment and then applies his strategic skills accordingly.