How to Hire for Creativity

Creativity is one of the essential elements of small business success. If you have creative people, you have a better product, a more efficient business, and will have a bigger market share.

The blog has an excellent piece from last week with 10 tips on hiring for creativity. While all of the tips are useful, a few jumped out at us:

  • Give the potential hire homework. Give them a problem to solve, and watch them solve it. That will give you a good look at their critical thinking skills, technical abilities, and more.
  • Focus on your job listing. A poorly-written job listing is going to cause many creative people to self-select out of the position.
  • Beware of egos. Creative people often speak their minds, which is good. Watch out for the ones who aren’t flexible, though.
Bernard Roesch About Bernard Roesch

Bernard Roesch is co-founder and Managing Partner of Mission Consulting. Bernard’s background in the early years of his career was spent in the manufacturing sector, making his QuickBooks perspective a unique one – he understands the intricacies of a complex environment and then applies his strategic skills accordingly.