Job Costing Reveals Secrets About Your Business

QuickBooks can be a great tool for general bookkeeping and accounting, but advanced users are able to learn important secrets about their business by using the job costing features in QuickBooks.

Job Costing in QuickBooks enables you to:

  • Track the revenue generated by each project for a client- not just revenue by client
  • Apply expenses directly to a project such as your team’s labor, milage, and other costs
  • Learn which projects are the most profitable so you can focus on those!

In short, using Job Costing in QuickBooks will enable you to have a deep understanding of each project so that you can increase profitability over time.  With the highest Intuit ProAdvisor Certifications, Mission QuickBooks will guide you through the setup process, or do it for you so that you can magically reveal the secrets to greater profitability in your company.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.