Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Mission QuickBooks Partner Program.

We would encourage you to join our partner program and start collecting commission for QuickBooks Products. There is no cost to apply.

We will review your application and, if you are approved as a partner, we will add you to the list of active Mission QuickBooks Partners on our website and invite you to join our private Facebook group. We will send you an email with exactly how to get started. It’s that easy!!


How do I earn commissions?

Mission QuickBook Partners are paid 50% on all products that are entitled to a commission. Commission payments are paid monthly for all sales in the prior month.

How does compensation work for new QBO signups?

Customers are given a 30-day trial and then we are paid commission; you receive 50% of the commission.

Can I receive support for servicing my clients?

We have more than 20 years of QuickBooks experience and we have a large staff of people with various specialties. We can help you help your client.

How do I submit an order?

Simply email or call us with the information and we will place your order. You will be able to offer your clients discounted rates.

Will participating in the Mission QuickBooks Partner Program affect my ProAdvisor account?

Not at all, it gives you more support and access to the best pricing – and 50% on all commissions!

Who does the installation of software?

We can direct you to the free support available from QuickBooks. If more support is needed, we can help your client for a cost.