Dealing With Property Tax Implications

Investment in property calls for a significant sum of money – whether it belongs to your business or is meant for personal use. This huge investment also impacts your personal and business taxes during tax season.

Did you know that investing in property can also serve as a great tax saving opportunity? For individuals who are paying tax on rental income or businesses that show rental property tax in their books, this could mean a considerable difference in tax burden.

Mission QuickBooks can advise you in dealing with the property tax implications while taking into account your savings and investments.  With an MBA in Finance and Operations Management from Harvard Business School and more than twenty years of consulting experience,  Bernard Roesch is a highly qualified business adviser.

Services include:

  • Maintaining company assets & reducing tax issues
  • Recommendations for tax implications of property
  • Tax preparation and filing
  • Updating you with latest market information to help you make better business decisions
  • Stabilize cash flow problems that can hamper your business

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