QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts Make Your Life Easier


The key to using QuickBooks as quickly and efficiently as possible is really understanding the program. You need to be familiar with how it works, what it offers you in terms of capabilities, and how to actually put those capabilities to use. One of the best ways to maximize your QuickBooks efforts is through the use of keyboard shortcuts.

How Keyboard shortcuts save time

Keyboard shortcuts are designed to replicate an activity you’d otherwise perform using your mouse. When you use the mouse to click on something, your hand has to leave the keyboard, find the mouse, and then wait for you to locate visually where you want to click.

Shortcuts mean that your hands don’t have to leave the keyboard, your eyes don’t have to wander the screen to find the precise click location, and you therefore have less of an interruption to your process.

Basic shortcuts work in QuickBooks

You’re probably already familiar with some of the basic keyboard shortcuts commonly used in software programs. Examples include:

  • CTRL+B to bold
  • TAB to go to the next field, or SHIFT+TAB to go to the previous field
  • CTRL+F to open a find window.

By using standard keyboard shortcuts, QuickBooks already has many functions you already know how to use.

QuickBooks-Specific Keyboard Shortcuts

There are also plenty of keyboard shortcuts that are specific to the program. Some examples include:

  • CTRL+M to memorize a transaction
  • CTRL+ENTER to record the current transaction
  • CTRL+J to open the customer center.

These shortcuts are going to save you the most time once you learn them.

Where to find QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts

Your QuickBooks help file, QuickBooks Manual, and the Intuit website are all great places to find lists of keyboard shortcuts for common QuickBooks tasks. In addition, here are some useful links that contain even more:

So, figure out what some of those common tasks you perform are, learn the shortcuts or even print out a quick cheat sheet, and find out just how much faster your accounting process can be.

Bernard Roesch About Bernard Roesch

Bernard Roesch is co-founder and Managing Partner of Mission Consulting. Bernard’s background in the early years of his career was spent in the manufacturing sector, making his QuickBooks perspective a unique one – he understands the intricacies of a complex environment and then applies his strategic skills accordingly.