Why You Need Angry Customers

Dealing with angry customers can be one of the most frustrating parts of small business. Yet, there may be value in doing so.

An intriguing post at the Inc.com blog examines angry customers, and why they’re actually vital to your business. Listening to angry customers can help identify a number of problems in your business, especially in the area of customer service.

You need to start by recognizing that many customer complaints are valid. By listening to their frustrations, you may not be able to keep them as a customer, but you may be able to identify employee problems that need to be addressed. In many cases, you wouldn’t know about these employee problems if the angry customer hadn’t called.

Make it a policy to always take angry customer calls, and to really listen to what they’re saying.

Bernard Roesch About Bernard Roesch

Bernard Roesch is co-founder and Managing Partner of Mission Consulting. Bernard’s background in the early years of his career was spent in the manufacturing sector, making his QuickBooks perspective a unique one – he understands the intricacies of a complex environment and then applies his strategic skills accordingly.